We pack everything under the Sun!


Sun Packing, Inc. can block and brace different types of vehicles inside containers for domestic or international transport.

Virtually any type of automobile or anything else that has wheels or floats; a tractor for your farm, recreational vehicle (RV), a travel trailer, or a boat for your recreation, Sun can load it.



When a ship swells upward in the ocean, so does your container and the variety of motions that a container can face when in transport are all vastly different. The solutions we instill vary from container to container. We design our packing to accommodate compression, whether that be vertical for land, or side compression when being transported across the ocean.

Containers and their transport create conditions with very real challenges. The proper approach to packing that container is an instrumental component of a damage control plan. We have established standardized procedures for not only the packing of the container, and blocking and bracing of the investment it contains. Our goal is simple; your containerized cargo must reach the final destination undamaged.


Loading or trans-loading 20 ft., 40 ft., high-cube, open-top containers and flat rack containers

Blocking and bracing to prevent shifting during handling and transport

Preparing schematic load plans for all containers, detailing the position of each piece

Sealing and securing containers with numbered seals